Phoenix Rank

32.00 USD 25.60 USD


This Rank Includes:

- Flaming red chat colors

- The ability to fly on your island with /fly

- Fly particles

- Fly effects

- The ability to feed yourself with /feed

- The ability to fix your damaged items with /fix

- Daily Reward+, which means you can get your daily reward every six hours

- The Melon Hat and TV Hat

- The ability to clear your inventory with /clearinv

- The ability to do /afk

- The Flamin' tag

- Emerald Twirl, Flame Rings, Cupid's Love, Bullet Helix, and Blizzard Aura particles effects

- Smoke and Flame trails

- Enderman Cape, Wither Cape, Firework cape, Fire cape, Potion cape, and Energy cape

- All of our gadgets (Leap feather, Tnt launcher and Lightning stick )